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Friends, I want to thank you.

With your support, encouragement, and most importantly your engagement in the electoral process, we never gave up. We fought to the last second every day. But now this campaign is over.

For a long time I stood on the sidelines of politics, waiting for someone to step in and change the system. Then I realized that we are the change I was waiting for -- you and me.

I got in this race for the Third District because we all know that Washington is broken. So many politicians don't stand up for what's right anymore. They look the other way while their unscrupulous funders take advantage of working people and they intimidate voters to keep them away from the political process.

Even though my race for Iowa's third district is over, you better believe I won't be going back to the sidelines anytime soon. I'm committed to making sure that Democrats come out in force in November and that we take back the House, starting right here in Iowa.

I'm so grateful for this experience, for the thousands of Iowans engaged in our campaign, for the support from organized labor: AFSCME Council 61, the Laborers International Union of North America, the Omaha and Southwest Iowa Building & Construction Trades Council, Boilermakers Local 83, the hundreds of union brothers and sisters from many other labor organizations and the activists, volunteers, supporters and staff and candidates from other campaigns who came to our aid over these last two weeks as we fought to get on the ballot.

I want to give a special thanks to the 3rd District Democrats, for their serious and deliberative discussion on the issue of designating me to the June 5th ballot. Their courageous vote is an example of what's missing in politics today: bold leadership dedicated to doing the right thing.

Even though we lost that battle, courage like that gives me confidence that we are winning the greater fight for a better future for all Iowans.

As for me, I will never regret pulling a petition with forged signatures. The road since has been a hard one, but that decision was easy. It was the right thing to do.

The outpouring since that moment proves that Iowans, regardless of where they live on the political spectrum, are tired of politicians who look away from what's wrong and refuse to do what's right.

Thank you for standing with me, and for everything you've done. I will see you out on the campaign trail soon; but for now, I'm going to go make some banana bread.