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[Strategy memo] Our plan to take back the House

Hi. Noah here.

After a fantastic 2017, and with the sprint of 2018 underway, I wanted to take a minute to lay out our roadmap to defeat David Young and take back the House in the fall.

Over the next few months, your involvement will be critical. We'll update you on the race and let you know how you can pitch in. When David Young betrays our trust in order to appease Paul Ryan and DC special interests, we'll shine a light on him. And most of all, we'll share Theresa's positive, inclusive vision for Iowa and for America.

We're glad you're here. Now let's do this!


Noah Wasserman
Campaign Manager
Greenfield for Congress

Posted on January 18, 2018.

Theresa is running for Congress with the same farm kid values and plain-spoken, get-it-done attitude she has demonstrated throughout her life. She knows it will take Iowa values - mixed with a heavy dose of can-do common sense - to overcome the problems we face here and in Washington.

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