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Greenfield Endorsed by Omaha and SW Iowa Building and Construction Trades Council

January 25, 2018
Contact: Noah Wasserman, (515) 612-8107
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DES MOINES, Iowa – Theresa Greenfield, candidate for Congress in Iowa’s Third Congressional District, announced today that her campaign has been endorsed by the Omaha and Southwest Iowa Building and Construction Trades Council. Greenfield has begun to consolidate union support in the district, having previously announced the endorsement of AFSCME Local Council 61 and Boilermakers Local 83.

“My campaign is centered around the idea that every American family deserves the opportunity to earn a living wage,” Greenfield said. “I am so proud to have the support of a group like the Omaha and Southwest Iowa Building Trades, who work together every day to provide the type of jobs that can support a middle-class American family in an increasingly broken economy."

“Theresa Greenfield will go to Congress and fight for middle-class families,” Scot Albertson, President of the Omaha and Southwest Iowa Building and Construction Trades Council, said. “She has seen first hand how unions help make the American middle class the strongest in the world, and will be hand-in-hand with the labor movement in the fights to come."

The council represents nineteen local area unions that are engaged in building construction and repairs, and has jurisdiction over half of the Third District’s sixteen counties.

Posted on January 25, 2018 in News Reports.

Theresa is running for Congress with the same farm kid values and plain-spoken, get-it-done attitude she has demonstrated throughout her life. She knows it will take Iowa values - mixed with a heavy dose of can-do common sense - to overcome the problems we face here and in Washington.

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